Segura! has released 2 CD’s. You can order the CD “Onze” online for €11,-. This is without the shipping costs. You can order the CD in our webshop. Unfortunately, the CD “Segura! Live” is sold out and is only digitally available.

Both “Live” and “Onze” are available through Itunes. Segura on iTunes you can go straight to Itunes.

Of course, you can also buy our CDs during our performances. You pay the same price as you do online, but without shipping costs. We always try to have CDs with us. Do not hesitate to ask one of our members.

Particular details

The CD “Live” was recorded live in Maastricht Music Hall (formally known as “Platte Zaol”) in 2004. A month later, it was presented in that same venue for an audience of 2000 people. This formed the start of our yearly returning event “Segura! en Vrun”.

The CD “Onze” was recorded to celebrate 11 years of Segura! in 2008. On the album you will find tracks in which we collaborated with the Coriovallum Pipe Band, Zoeper and De Pottemennekes.

To order online

You can order the CD “Onze” online in our webshop.

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