To become a member

Yes, you too can become a member of Segura!. Once a year, Segura! organises a member recruitment day. The goal of this day is to find talented and motivated people who can strengthen our club.

On this day, you will play different instruments: surdo, repinique, tamborim, caixa and chocalho. New members will be selected on the basis of the filled out application form, the achievements when you try out the instruments, and the conversations we have with you on this day.

The selected people will be trained for the next couple of months in order to join Segura! at the end of this period. The member recruitment day starts at half past 9 in the morning and could last (depending on the amount of applications) until 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

What will be expected of you when you become a member of Segura!?

  • Enthusiasm and commitment
  • To be available for rehearsal on Friday evenings
  • To be available for performances (e.g. during the weekend and Carnival!!)

Experience is not a necessity, but a bit of aptitude, contagious enthusiasm and a lot of commitment is!

Are you interested? Please fill in the application form below. The minimum age is 18.

Date member recruitment day

The next member recruitment day is on the 4th of March. If you want to join, you can fill in the form below. You will then receive further information by e-mail.

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