What is Segura! Escola de Samba Maestricht?

Segura! is a samba band based in Maastricht, The Netherlands. It originated from the Carnival tradition in our city in the late nineties. Back in those days, hundreds of drummers would make a deafening sound at the St. Amorsplein. From this, several samba bands derived. Segura! exists since 1997 and has developed from a group of friends with 20 members into one of the most well-known and biggest samba bands of The Netherlands.

Segura! uses traditional Brazilian percussion instruments that cause a typical sound. A sound which can be heard from afar, be almost felt and which is inviting. We play different styles of Brazilian percussion like samba batucada, samba reggae, maracatu and funk. Despite this, we are recognisable by our own sound; punctual, with devotion, like a steam locomotive which is at full speed and cannot be stopped anymore. Many spectator went wild when listening to our drums, which we, as a band, can only encourage. We love a spontaneous audience!

Segura! rehearses weekly and performs about 30 times a year, with as its main goal to bring Brazilian percussion to the attention of a wider audience. Over the years, we became capable of taking part in the (inter)national samba world. This is demonstrated by the triumphs we have accomplished during various samba meetings.

Where can you expect us?

The answer is as simple as the question, that is: everywhere! Events, corporate entertainment, samba festivities, weddings, birthdays, music festivals, you name it! We organise performances throughout all of The Netherlands and far beyond. For example, we performed during the Samba festival in Eindhoven, the parade of the 3 Oktober Feesten in Leiden (2007), during Queen’s Day in Amsterdam (3 times), the opening of the WK-football under 21 in Kerkrade (2005), a private party in Italy (2002), an international parade in Brussels (2008) and Karnaval i Aalborg in Denmark (2007, 2009 and 2013). Besides these, Segura! performs about 30 times a year at smaller events and parties like weddings, corporate festivities and local celebrations.

In 2009 Segura! won the international competition “Battle of the Bands” during Karnaval i Aalborg in Denmark.

For an overview of our performances, take a look at our calendar.

Carnival in Maastricht

Of course you can find us during the yearly Carnival in our hometown, Maastricht. The group stands out with its black costumes made in a style that can be best explained as a combination of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The costumes are fitted with hundreds of red led lights which make our evening performances in the city a musical spectacle.

During Carnival, Segura! participates in all the activities that are organised by the city society De Tempeleers. For instance, we take part in the big parade on Sunday, the children’s parade on Monday and the Zaate Hermeniekes Konkoer on Tuesday. Furthermore, Segura! has organised her own festival called “Segura! en Vrun” a week prior to Carnival for 5 times now.

The attention the group gets on the DVD ‘t Sjoenste Leedsje shows how much the samba of Segura! is embedded in the Carnival of Maastricht.

Do you want to book us?

For all the information about booking Segura!, take a look at our Booking page.

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